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All clear on the disability progression?

Confirmed Disability Progression (CDP):Measures the increase in a patient’s EDSS score that is sustained over a pre-determined time period, which means a patient’s physical disability has increased. As more more drugs enter the MS market, the line between what drugs are used where (RRMS vs progressive MS) has begun to blur. This matter is further complicated by most of us not understanding the...

Clinical trials vs. real-world data in MS

We probably don’t really require a study to tell us that those participating in clinical trials are not exactly the same as the general population that may take a particular treatment – we already know this. However, when it comes to MS drugs it is worth noting what the differences between the two populations are. According to Rojas et al., upon reviewing 18 clinical trials and 73...

Reporting of side effects in RRMS trials

Most research is about investigating the known unknowns. In other words, investigators have a certain hypothesis, but also a range of plausable possibilities as outcomes. However, in some instances the outcome is unexpected – the unknown unknown. Rare side effects are an example of this, and not always evident in the initial randomized-placebo (dummy treatment) controlled clinical trials...

MS-STAT2 – Simvastatin for Secondary Progressive MS

Thank you to Prof. G, MouseDoctor and the Barts MS team for letting us reach out to you about the MS-STAT2 study! Are you interested in taking part? We would love to have you involved! Follow the link for more details and to register your interest: www.ms-stat2.info MS-STAT2 – What is it? The MS-STAT2 study is a 3 year clinical trial testing whether high dose simvastatin can slow down the rate of...



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