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Reporting of side effects in RRMS trials

Most research is about investigating the known unknowns. In other words, investigators have a certain hypothesis, but also a range of plausable possibilities as outcomes. However, in some instances the outcome is unexpected – the unknown unknown. Rare side effects are an example of this, and not always evident in the initial randomized-placebo (dummy treatment) controlled clinical trials...

MS-STAT2 – Simvastatin for Secondary Progressive MS

Thank you to Prof. G, MouseDoctor and the Barts MS team for letting us reach out to you about the MS-STAT2 study! Are you interested in taking part? We would love to have you involved! Follow the link for more details and to register your interest: www.ms-stat2.info MS-STAT2 – What is it? The MS-STAT2 study is a 3 year clinical trial testing whether high dose simvastatin can slow down the rate of...



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