Are you an anticholinergic zombie?  A few months ago a 63-year-old MSer was admitted to hospital because of faecal impaction and overflow diarrhoea. She had had worsening constipation for years and was having intermittent diarrhoea due to liquification of stool from an overgrowth of bacteria in her colon, above a massive faecolith (a faecal rock). Her neurologist had her on a long-acting...

Guest-post: MS mindset

Many people with MS experience cognitive difficulties (poor concentration, trouble remembering, “cog fog”…). We know quite a bit about how these difficulties play out on formal tests that psychologists use. But we are less good at understanding the experience of people with MS with cognitive difficulties. There are a number of questionnaires that report cognitive difficulties that have been...

Calling all male MSers

Do men with MS deserve to be offered higher efficacy DMTs earlier than women? When you do a baseline prognostic profile of someone with MS, being female is a good prognostic factor compared to being a male. Men have a worse outcome. This study below shows men do worse when it comes to poor cognition compared to women (#ThinkCognition). The question of why women do better cognitively may relate to...



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