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Guest-post: MS mindset

Many people with MS experience cognitive difficulties (poor concentration, trouble remembering, “cog fog”…). We know quite a bit about how these difficulties play out on formal tests that psychologists use. But we are less good at understanding the experience of people with MS with cognitive difficulties. There are a number of questionnaires that report cognitive difficulties that have been...

Old age; how is it going to affect me?

Is ageing a disease? It is if you have MS. We have been making the argument for moving our treatment target in MS to focus on old age; i.e. how do we your HCPs get you to old age with enough brain to deal with the ravages of age-related cognitive impairment? Mechanisms of neuronal loss in MS It is clear that your brain and cognitive reserves are what protects you from the ‘normal age-related...

The Learner

Do we need to include cognition as a treatment target in multiple sclerosis? In every clinic, I do patients with MS complain of cognitive symptoms. Either it is increasing forgetfulness, difficult multi-tasking, the inability to learn and use a new technology or cognitive fatigue. Case study: One of my high functioning patients, who worked in a large City law firm, simply could not keep up and...

What is happening to my cortex?

A very common analogy is the comparison of MS to an iceberg. Why? Only one-eighth of an iceberg is visible above the water; to see what is below the water line requires specialised technology. The MS iceberg analogy refers to several observations: 1. For each clinical relapse, 10 or more MRI visible lesions are seen on MRI.2. For each visible white matter lesions on MRI, there are at least an...



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