Will the real slim-shady please stand up?

Vitamin D is one of the biggest confounders in MS clinical trials. It’s like a chess piece, where every move has an effect on the outcome. This latest piece of research from Romania studying the effect of Copaxone (immune modulator) versus prednisone (steroid) on circulating immune complexes (auto-antibodies) in RRMS, shows exactly this. The investigators found low serum levels of immune...

Re-vitalise your gut

Gut microbiome The lions share of the risk (~70%) for developing MS is attributable to environmental risk, while genetics explains bulk of the remaining risk. The environmental risk factors studied in MS have been manifold, ranging from the latitude effect, to viruses, and may well explain some of the heterogeneity that we observe. For some time now, researchers have been looking at an imbalance...

Copaxone, why is is not so effective?

I think Glatiramer acetate (at the population level) is a low efficacy treatment. What supports this? Besides the clinical efficacy we have this Pavelek Z, Vyšata O, Sobíšek L, Klímová B, Andrýs C, Vokurková D, Mazurová R, Štourač P, Vališ M. Lymphocyte populations and their change during five-year glatiramer acetate treatment. Neurol Neurochir Pol. 2018 Aug 18. pii: S0028-3843(18)30179-8. doi:...



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