Cyclophosphamide kills immune cells dead

Most immunologists are well versed in the use of cyclophosphamide for all sorts of non-MS related inflammatory disorders; it is for all intents and purposes a ‘Domestos’. It’s dirt cheap – one 500mg vial costs £9.66 on the NHS, and is often only used as induction therapy with a few doses at time. It’s ‘Domestos’ action comes from its apoptosis (or cell...

HSCT Units can you please show me the data?

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer  0/★ I am often asked why given the extraordinary efficacy of HSCT in early RRMS, but not advanced MS, why I don’t refer more of my patients for HSCT early on in the course of their disease. There are several reasons these are the main ones.  Firstly, to be eligible for HSCT under our London guidelines patients have to fail at least two DMTs one of which has to be a...



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