St Elsewhere

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: zero ★’s St Elsewhere is a euphemism in medicine for a fuck-up done under someone else’s watch, i.e. at St Elsewhere’s hospital. In this week’s NEJM there is a tragic case of a 22-year old Pakistani man who was misdiagnosed as having MS at St Elsewhere, started on natalizumab, which was ineffective, before being switched to interferon beta. By the time he was...


Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: zero ★s I look after a patient with MS who is now in her late 60’s. She was diagnosed with MS almost 30 years ago in the early ’90s. She has done very well and has by definition benign MS. Apart from mild unsteadiness of gait, a weak right leg that causes a mild limp when she is tired and back pain, she is fully functional. She was treated with interferon-beta for...

An App to sniff out MS

Like a pig snouting truffles, can Artificial Intelligence diagnose MS? I used to think neurologists did this – one has a nose for these things 😉 The app uses a matrix involving a ‘mood questionnaire’ to figure out well being; ‘symbol matching’ to assess cognition; ‘walking’ using a step tracker; ‘u-turn’ assessing ability to turn;...



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