Marmite on toast: the social crisis and MS

Recently one of my patients chastised me for telling her off for her poor diet, which consisted mainly of bread. She lives alone, which may explain why she eats so poorly. She has marmite or jam on toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and if she feels hungry another piece of toast for dinner. Interestingly, my mother used to refer to her elderly stepmother as a tea-and-toast lady and I never...

AAN 2019 posters #3

All good things unfortunately come to an end, and sadly this is the last in the series of three on AAN 2019 posters. What has captured my attention from this years AAN has been the varied interests of the clinician scientists who have presented their work here. This is a good sign, because without varied interests, science and ultimately progress slowly comes to a standstill. I call it the...

The new black death is ageing

I say to many of patients one of the most powerful predictors of progressive, or more correctly worsening, MS is ageing. Age also predicts recovery of function; the younger you are the better you do. This study shows that ageing restricts the ability of stem cells to make oligodendrocytes to promote remyelination. As you are aware age also predicts response, or lack or response, to DMTs. The...



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