Dimethyl fumarate for Primary Progressive MS? Is it all just MS

Figure of DMF action from Frontiers in Neurology A fair number of you probably take Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF) for your relapsing remitting MS, but did you realise that it may also work in Primary Progressive MS? This is what this latest piece of research suggests. There is one basic principle to MS treatments as a whole; which is that the treatment efficacy is very much in line with the extent of...

Gripes about DMF

In real-world terms, figures from the Swedish MS registry demonstrate that most PwMS discontinue a first-line DMT within 2 years of starting. Side effects make up bulk of the reasons, followed by lack of efficacy. When you consider highly-active treatments, their high efficacy outcomes go a long way to compensating for their down-side. When faced with the low efficacy drugs, their side effect...

DMF versus Teriflunomide

Treatment algorithm (Ingwersen J et al.) Did I hear you say injectables, what injectables? The turf war in the first-line RRMS treatments is clearly between the two oral therapies; dimethyl fumarate (DMF) and teriflunomide (Teri)!Each have their Achilles heel. DMF with its lymphopenia (drop in lymphocyte counts) and Teri with its transaminitis. So, it isn’t surprising that the weighing...



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