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My position on anti-CD20 therapies has been criticised, why?

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ I have recently been criticised by a colleague for supporting the DODO (double-dose ocrelizumab study) and the ADIOS (adaptive dosing ocrelizumab study) studies. How you can I on the one hand support more ocrelizumab and on the other hand suggest reducing the dose in the longterm. I responded that it is all about timing and how you use anti–CD20...

#T4TD when it comes to Anti-CD20 therapy body size counts

Did you know that if you are a large person standard dose ocrelizumab is not as effective as it is in a small person?  When looking at the efficacy of anti-CD20 therapies such as ocrelizumab you shouldn’t bother looking at relapses and focal MRI activity (Gd-enhancing lesions or new T2 lesions) when comparing effectiveness between doses and competing products. Relapses and MRI lesions are...

OVO Study

Finally, after a week or more of thinking and contemplation my opinion about the ofatumumab vs. teriflunomide trial data (ASCLEPIOS I and II); another of my ECTRIMS highlights.  The result of the ASCLEPIOS I and II are not unexpected and in line with the treatment effects of anti-CD20 therapies with some caveats.  Novartis summary: Both ASCLEPIOS I and II studies met their primary endpoints in...

DODO study

When you are fighting a war, even if it is only a marketing war, small effects can be the difference between winning and losing. The TENERE study below would indicate that teriflunomide has similar efficacy to interferon-beta-1a (Rebif). However, this study was underpowered to show a difference between these two DMTs. Based on this and other data I suspect teriflunomide is more effective than IFN...



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