EBV or not

The umpteenth study on causality means very little if it is not scientifically plausible. This is core science, and it’s what real scientists work on. EBV infection has long been strong contender for the development of MS. But, how strong is this link? What does having had EBV as a teenager do to your biological makeup (i.e. endophenotype)? In a first study of its kind the Swedish group...

EBV and MS

This is not about coronavirus. Epstein-Barr Virus is an(other) extremely common virus which has infected the vast majority of people (~95%) by their late 20s. Unlike coronavirus, EBV has co-evolved with humans and the observation that it is so ubiquitous suggests that it actually may confer some kind of evolutionary benefit, e.g. by enhancing the host’s ability to respond to novel...



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