#MSCOVID19 – natalizumab extended interval dosing

More questions around managing MS during the COVID-19 pandemic; this time in relation to natalizumab (Tysabri) dosing. The COVID-19 NHS crisis is a double-whammy for pwMS. First, it is redeploying staff away from MS services to work on the frontline. Secondly, the message has gone out to stop pwMS coming to NHS hospitals, or even connecting with other healthcare facilities such as GP practices...

The Time-to-Think DMT

At an MS Masters Forum in Rome yesterday I was teaching MSologists and MS clinical nurse specialists using a recently created board game, which I like to think of as being MS Monopoly. MS monopoly is based on a game of chance that lets you discuss case scenarios and make treatment choices. Then you roll a dice, which determines the outcome of your choice.  Two things emerge from playing the game...

Japan epicentre of an Asian MS epidemic

I am about to return from a short MS meeting in Tokyo. This was my first exposure to Japan and Japanese culture. It is everything and more than I expected. I am beginning to get a sense of what ikigai means. Ikigai translates ‘to a reason for being, encompassing joy, a sense of purpose and meaning and a feeling of well-being’. Ikigai derives from iki, meaning life and kai, meaning the realisation...



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