#MSCOVID19: European COVID-19 Cup Quarterfinals

There has been a lot of debate about which country has had the best strategy at dealing with their coronavirus epidemic. It is clear based on the epidemiology of pandemics that countries needed to play with the mid and end game in mind. We are now quite a way into the COVID-19 pandemic and have reached the quarterfinals stage. Which countries do you think are going to win the quarterfinals and...

To T or not to T

I have always wondered why the genomic experts in the field of MS haven’t been able to sort out why specific human leukocyte antigen (HLA) subtypes increase your risk of getting MS and others don’t. HLA or human leukocyte antigens are the so-called signposting proteins that antigen presenting cells (APCs) use to communicate with T-cells. The APCs continuously sample the environment...



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