Results from the Trajectories of Outcome in Neurological Conditions (TONiC) study in MS have just been published – “Quality of life in multiple sclerosis is dominated by fatigue, disability and self-efficacy”. If you want to read and keep a copy of the paper, until 1 July 2021 you can read or download it for free from this, link without any need to register or pay (thank you to Journal of...

The solution for fatigue: getting tired (both of us!)

Nourbakhsh et al. have the honour of publishing the first article of 2021 that will change my practice. As bright and shiny as all the monoclonal antibodies on our treatment shelf are compared to the dusty and lacklustre drugs used to treat the symptoms of MS. However, the symptomatic treatments determine day-to-day life for many pwMS: fatigue, spasms, neuropathic pain, etc. For fatigue, the most...

Fatigue in MS – what we don’t know?

Fatigue in MS is a strange duck, on many levels obvious and frequently described by PwMS (80-90%), but one that lacks sound medical explanation and science doesn’t even know how to test it yet. I was sure that the fatigue in MS, particularly exercise induced fatigue, was somehow related to the conduction block caused by the demyelination in the long tracts (corticospinal tract). It would...

Treating Fatigue with Stem Cells

  Fatigue is the symptom which has been high on the agenda for research into its cause and cure. It seems this is a sickness behaviour as a consequence of inflammation within the CNS. It is probable that it is caused, at least in part, by inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, if you get rid of inflammation, fatigue may be reduced. We first saw this with natalizumab and so it is the cases...



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