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Will the real MS say hello?

The difference between religion, a belief system, and science, an experimental system, is that you can falsify the latter, but not the former. So when KoL (key opinion leaders) say they believe something they don’t really mean it literally. What they are really stating is a hypothesis that needs to be interrogated.  So when I say that relapses and focal MRI activity are not MS, but are...

A sequence of losses

Prof G has the MS community go it wrong? In this week’s NEJM there is an insightful perspective by Louise Aronson on ageing and driving. Aronson. Don’t Ruin My Life — Aging and Driving in the 21st Century. N Engl J Med 2019; 380:705-707. Louise quotes the American poet Donald Hall, who explains in Essays After Eighty how life is irrevocably and excruciatingly changed when a person must let go of...

To B or not to B

Is targeting the B-cell sufficient to get on top of MS or do we need something extra? I spoke at the MS Nurses’ MS@TheLimits2019 meeting at the Royal College of Physicians yesterday. My brief was to cover the role of B-cells in the pathogenesis of MS and to review the converging evidence that supports B-cells being the central player in the pathogenesis of MS. It is clear that depleting B...



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