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Oh, George!

The last time I saw George Ebers was at the European Charcot Foundation meeting in Baveno in 2017. I sat next to him and we had a long chat about MS and his new life in Canada. George had lost his anger and was very content with life. I learnt about all his projects on his farm; his windmill restoration project, his fence building, on being a carpenter and the summer water sports on his lake. I...


A reader (see below) sent us the following letter from George Ebers to the EMA dated 9th September 2013. In the letter, George Ebers pulls no punches and makes several controversial claims about Industry, Academics, Journals, Universities, MS Charities and the MS Establishment. Is there a conspiracy theory or not? As it has been 6 years since the letter was sent to the EMA has George Ebers’...



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