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Professor Gavin Giovannoni (Prof G) and his team of clinicians and researchers at Barts and at the Royal London Hospital — like many of their medical colleagues — are in frequent contact with pwMS (people with multiple sclerosis), many of whom are untreated. The reason that these pwMS are on no treatment is often economic. No treatment due to economic reasons and can occur in both developed as...

Rituximab combination therapy

A dark age is when society regresses; it goes backwards in time. The shocking revelations in last week’s New England of Journal of Medicine on the dire situation of some type 1 diabetics upset me and indicates we may be entering a dark age. An age when we are forcing our patients to turn their backs on innovation because they, or society, can’t afford to purchase the necessary medications...

Affordable DMTs

My post on the ‘Damp Squib’ has upset several close colleagues. I need to explain my reasons for doing it; the main one being is that I am very frustrated that change happens so slowly, whereas shit happens so quickly. The catalyst for our Barts-MS off-label initiative was my sabbatical 5 years ago and kicked-off with a blog post I did on the 3rd October 2014. I am ashamed that it is now 5 years...



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