Grey matter, matters

How big is your grey matter iceberg?  As you are aware, MS is an iceberg, with most of the MS disease activity and resultant damage being hidden. The study below expands the concept of the MS iceberg to the cerebral cortex or grey matter. Most lesions (~80%) found at post-mortem in the grey matter are not detected using specialised MR imaging. Please note that post-mortem MRI imaging in more...

What is happening to my cortex?

A very common analogy is the comparison of MS to an iceberg. Why? Only one-eighth of an iceberg is visible above the water; to see what is below the water line requires specialised technology. The MS iceberg analogy refers to several observations: 1. For each clinical relapse, 10 or more MRI visible lesions are seen on MRI.2. For each visible white matter lesions on MRI, there are at least an...



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