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Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer ★★★  By definition an immune reconstitution therapy (IRT) for MS is given as a short course, i.e. as a one-off treatment in the case of HSCT or intermittently as in the case of alemtuzumab or cladribine. IRTs are not given continuously and additional courses of the therapy are only given if there is a recurrence of inflammatory activity. IRTs have the ability to...

How to manage RRMS – induction followed by maintenance

I’ve been harping on about this strategy for the better half of the past two years, and lo and behold someone has actually done it, and it actually works. The drugs utilized in this study are in fact irrelevant, the importance is the strategy itself. What strategy you ask? Rodo’s Thinker! I’m glad you asked. The one where you go in with all guns blazing and then follow it up...



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