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Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer ★★★★★  The argument about whether or not MS is primarily a T-cell or B-cell disease is academic. Almost all the data suggests that both cell types are involved. Clinical trial data also suggests MS outcomes when it comes to end-organ damage (brain volume loss) is superior for therapies that target both  T and B cells, i.e. alemtuzumab and HSCT over say mainly B-cell...

To T or not to T (2)

Prof G what happens to MS disease activity if you stimulate T-cells? About 2 years ago I attended a grand round during which a patient with a history of RRMS had had a catastrophic relapse after receiving ipilimumab for metastatic melanoma. The patient has a massive brain stem relapse and her MRI showed multiple Gd-enhancing lesions with several pseudotumoral lesions. She was in a bad way...



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