Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer ★★★  By definition an immune reconstitution therapy (IRT) for MS is given as a short course, i.e. as a one-off treatment in the case of HSCT or intermittently as in the case of alemtuzumab or cladribine. IRTs are not given continuously and additional courses of the therapy are only given if there is a recurrence of inflammatory activity. IRTs have the ability to...


Yes, why can’t we use anti-CD20 therapies as an immune constitution therapy (IRT) or at least adapt the dose based on B-cell reconstitution kinetics? And if we can’t beat the Swedes why can’t we join them? ADIOS = ADaptIve Ocrelizumab dosing Study There is mounting evidence from NMO and rheumatology that anti-CD20 therapies can be used as either a maintenance therapy or an immune...

Playing second fiddle to the Swedes

Why can’t we use anti-CD20 therapies as immune constitution therapies? For some years we have been promoting our Barts-MS Essential DMT list to treat people with MS (pwMS) in resource-poor environments. One of the big guns on our list has been rituximab (anti-CD20).  One of the problems is that rituximab at a dose of 1g every 6 months is still too expensive to accessible for the vast...

To B or not to B

Is targeting the B-cell sufficient to get on top of MS or do we need something extra? I spoke at the MS Nurses’ MS@TheLimits2019 meeting at the Royal College of Physicians yesterday. My brief was to cover the role of B-cells in the pathogenesis of MS and to review the converging evidence that supports B-cells being the central player in the pathogenesis of MS. It is clear that depleting B...



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