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Ocrelizumab: DODO vs. ADIOS, who will win?

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★ In response to a question over the weekend about what has happened to the DODO and ADIOS studies. Both are alive and kicking. The more insightful question would be ‘how can I support both the DODO (double-dose ocrelizumab study) and the ADIOS (adaptive dosing ocrelizumab study) studies?’. Surely, the DODO and ADIOS studies are incompatible with each...

Teriflunomide’s secrets

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ What should be our therapeutic target in MS?  Reducing relapses and MRI activity, NEDA (no evident disease activity) or saving the end-organ (brain volume loss)?  I have been pushing the for the latter, i.e. the most important treatment target must be protecting the end-organ and saving or protecting as many neurons, axons and synapses as possible in...

#COVIDMS Coronavirus creates an opportunity for teriflunomide

Should I switch to teriflunomide?  Please don’t panic! The coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is a problem but needs a calm and considered public health approach, which is happening in the UK. At the moment the general public, including pwMS, are overreacting. Another patient emailed me yesterday to inform me they are going to stop their ocrelizumab and asked what the consequences will be. In the...

OVO Study

Finally, after a week or more of thinking and contemplation my opinion about the ofatumumab vs. teriflunomide trial data (ASCLEPIOS I and II); another of my ECTRIMS highlights.  The result of the ASCLEPIOS I and II are not unexpected and in line with the treatment effects of anti-CD20 therapies with some caveats.  Novartis summary: Both ASCLEPIOS I and II studies met their primary endpoints in...



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