#MSCOVID19: rituximab & vaccine readiness

The following is a short YouTube vlog on Rituximab, COVID-19 and vaccine readiness. This is a brief update to my presentation on anti-CD20 therapies and COVID-19 to iWiMS webinar on the 20-May-2020.

What is your opinion on vlogging vs. blogging? Is there a need for both?

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#MSCOVID19: update on the outcome of cases with MS & COVID-19

We keep getting asked about if there is any data on whether or not people with MS are more likely to get COVID-19 if they do get are they more likely to get the severe disease and die from the infection? Last week I logged into a very useful webinar organised by the iWiMS. They have now put the webinar online for you to watch. The Italian registry reported 143 patients with MS and COVID-19 with...



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