#MSCOVID19: Lymphopaenia

I am giving an MS Academy masterclass webinar today on the topic of lymphopaenia and its relevance to managing MS during the COVID-19 pandemic. My talk goes back to basics and tries to explain how the normal range and WHO grading system came about and includes the important topic of immunosenescence. You are welcome to sign-up for the webinar. If you can’t manage to log-on to the live...

#MSCOVID19: so what is a safe lymphocyte count?

What is a safe lymphocyte count; 500, 800 or 1000/mm3? In your peripheral blood, you have circulating leukocytes or white blood cells which help fight infections. When you get your blood results back you often get told your total white cell count or WCC. However, the WCC is a composite and includes different populations of cells. The white cells can be divided into the lymphocyte and non...

HSV-2 encephalitis with Ocrelizumab

The effect of DMTs on lymphocytes causing lymphopenia (from E Fox et al. Neuol Clin Pract Feb 2019) Why does this not come as a surprise to all and sundry, the report of a potentially harmful infection following immunosuppressive treatment, but this time from the new kid on the block, ocrelizumab (Ocrevus). Not to sound cliched, but if you hadn’t seen this one coming, well then the rest is...



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