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Alcohol Awareness Week

This week is alcohol awareness week in the UK and the NHS is encouraging its patients/clients to look in the mirror and ask whether or not they are drinking too much. As part of the holistic management of MS and our marginal gains strategy for managing MS, we are encouraging all pwMS to do the same. Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for MS in several ways. It disrupts your sleep pattern and...

Ask your GP

Should we expect your GP or family doctor to take on more of the day-2-day management of your MS? In the UK specialist physicians are called consultants because there was always too few of them to get their hands dirty with the day-to-day management of patients with special medical problems. General practitioners used to refer their patients to a specialist for a ‘consultation’ and...


Dear Neuro, You see me once a year for 15 minutes, you look at my MRI report and blood results, you ask me a lot of questions, you examine me and then you tell me that everything is fine. At my last visit, you said my MS was stable, you mentioned to me that I was NEDA, because I had had no relapses, no new lesions on my MRI and my EDSS was static at 3.0.  I have now looked up and read about...

Why is everyone drinking anti-CD20 kool-aid?

Prof G will ocrelizumab and rituximab prevent SPMS? Just back from the COMBAT-MS stakeholders meeting in Pasadena with the Kaiser (Kaiser Foundation Research Institute) and Swedish (Karolinska Institute) trial teams, PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) and many brave an wonderful people with MS and their families. The COMBAT-MS study (NCT03193866) is recruiting well and is on...



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