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St Elsewhere

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: zero ★’s St Elsewhere is a euphemism in medicine for a fuck-up done under someone else’s watch, i.e. at St Elsewhere’s hospital. In this week’s NEJM there is a tragic case of a 22-year old Pakistani man who was misdiagnosed as having MS at St Elsewhere, started on natalizumab, which was ineffective, before being switched to interferon beta. By the time he was...

What, I don’t have MS?

In the study below approximately 1 in 5 people diagnosed with MS don’t have MS. This is so much higher than previous studies. I have always quoted the Danish post-mortem studies that sugget only 1 in 20 MSers are misdiagnosed. Maybe Danish neurologists are simply better at diagnosing MS compared to their American colleagues? There is no one test that can be done to diagnose MS. MS is...

We sincerely apologize, but you don’t have MS

The rate of misdiagnosis of MS around the globe is roughly a quarter. We are so focused in making an early diagnosis in MS that before we know it, it’s a runaway train. Sometimes, even the best of us need to eat our words, and admit to having a made a mistake. The diagnosis of MS is not easy; how many of you have googled non-specific symptoms and come up with MS as a potential cause? The...



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