Telling signs

Despite advances in MRI, the diagnosis of MS is hard for the non-specialist. A Swiss study recently found that the delay in MS diagnosis is more than 2 years in 40% of PwMS. Surprised? You should be, because according to this study by 2016-2017 the delay in diagnosis had only improved by half as much since the year 2000! What is not surprising, however, is that in a majority of instances this...

We sincerely apologize, but you don’t have MS

The rate of misdiagnosis of MS around the globe is roughly a quarter. We are so focused in making an early diagnosis in MS that before we know it, it’s a runaway train. Sometimes, even the best of us need to eat our words, and admit to having a made a mistake. The diagnosis of MS is not easy; how many of you have googled non-specific symptoms and come up with MS as a potential cause? The...



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