Will 2022 be the year AI-assisted MRI enters the management of pwMS?

Regular MRI is a key element in the follow-up of pwMS, particularly those on disease modifying treatment (DMT). Why? Because MRI is significantly more sensitive in detecting MS disease activity than counting relapses and measuring disability using the EDSS (Kurtzke’s Expanded Disability Status Scale). I’m quite precise here referring to the EDSS since other clinical instruments may be...

MS lesions that smoulder

Iron Rims image from Frontiers The characteristic feature of is multi-focal inflammatory activity; an infiltration of immune cells leading to loss of myelin and axons within these areas creating the appearance of round lesions. The natural evolution of these lesions like any area of injury in the rest of the body and shrink to a certain degree overtime. A fraction, however, continue to smoulder...

The central vein sign in MS

Multiple Sclerosis (From Reich et al NEJM 2018) Last week, I blogged on smoldering lesions visualized on MRI as a marker of progressive MS. Today, I will discuss the central vein sign. This publication in JAMA by the MAGNIMS group (a group of MRI bods from the world over) is therefore, timely. If you haven’t heard of the central vein sign, it is the presence of a vein within an MS lesion...



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