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Potential leader?

Earlier this year I asked the question “why should someone with MS who lives in place B get a different service to someone who lives in place A?” and argued that variance, when it comes to the provision of healthcare services, is a euphemism for inequality, representing the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in society. This was a prelude to our ‘Raising the Bar’ meeting in Birmingham. We have set an...


I have been tasked with designing an International MS Masterclass to teach neurologists and other HCPS (healthcare professionals) about MS. The idea is to run four 2-day courses. I have put together the following draft programme and would appreciate your thoughts on it. If you have MS is there anything that you want to be added, i.e. is there anything that you would want your HCPs to know about...

Reinventing the wheel or the 4×4

We were rightly criticised last year for holding a meeting that highlighted the problem of variance in the provision of MS services, in the NHS. without a plan and vision about how to change things. I hope we have listened to you. The follow on meeting that we are hosting next month (8th-9th July) has a more ambitious agenda; it will even come with a 3-year action plan. I have always made the...

Raising the Bar

You may recall last year the MS Academy held a meeting to address variance in the provision of MS services in the NHS. This meeting was very well received and several follow-on initiatives have been triggered as a result of the meeting. The MS Academy is now hosting a follow-on meeting called ‘MS Service Provision in the UK 2019: Raising the Bar‘. If you want to read about what...



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