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To smoke or not to smoke that is the question

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Yawn! I am getting tired of the saying the same-old things on this blog. Is it time to retire and do something new?  We have done some modelling work and predict that ~20% of new or incident cases of MS could be prevented if we stop the population from smoking. The question is how do we achieve this? Taxation has worked to some extent in that we...

MS susceptibility is it puberty, or is it something else?

The risk of developing MS reportedly increases with early puberty, particularly in women. This leads to interesting hypotheses around the effect of hormones on the maturation of the immune system. But what if there was another equally plausible reason for this finding? For instance, having more body fat at childhood leads to earlier puberty, which in turn is also associated with an increased risk...

Calculate your risk of developing MS from first presentation

We now understand that the early features of the condition matter; the more active the disease in the first five years the more likely you are to reaching the hard disability milestones (such as requiring a walking stick) that much sooner, than if the converse were true. But what about the development of MS (or CDMS, clinically definite MS) after the first clinical symptom (CIS, clinically...

To T or not to T

I have always wondered why the genomic experts in the field of MS haven’t been able to sort out why specific human leukocyte antigen (HLA) subtypes increase your risk of getting MS and others don’t. HLA or human leukocyte antigens are the so-called signposting proteins that antigen presenting cells (APCs) use to communicate with T-cells. The APCs continuously sample the environment...



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