ECTRIMS 2019: Biomarkers

ECTRIMS, Stockholm Biomarkers session Finally in the ECTRIMS mood! Hundred Unbelievable that an year has passed already since the last one, but before I get maudlin, lets get some focus back in. I’ll be co-chairing a session this Friday with Dr Salzer, from Umea University, Sweden (Rituximab man). You can see all the topics of discussion in the program above, but for those of you who...

AAN 2019 posters #3

All good things unfortunately come to an end, and sadly this is the last in the series of three on AAN 2019 posters. What has captured my attention from this years AAN has been the varied interests of the clinician scientists who have presented their work here. This is a good sign, because without varied interests, science and ultimately progress slowly comes to a standstill. I call it the...

Predicting a relapse

The longer I work in MS the more I realize how unpredictable it is. There are complications in diagnosis, in assessing treatment efficacy, in prognosticating, and in achieving homogeneity in clinical practice. The complications are complicated. But what if you have a test done, albeit quite randomly and it tells you something bad is going to happen in the near future – would you ignore it...



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