For English PPMSers

“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by” Douglas Adams, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. There is one deadline that happened quitely earlier this month. NHS England turned on the blueteq form ocrelizumab treatment for PPMSers living in England; they did at the last possible timepoint dictated by the law. The good news is that the requirements for someone...

Reinventing the wheel or the 4×4

We were rightly criticised last year for holding a meeting that highlighted the problem of variance in the provision of MS services, in the NHS. without a plan and vision about how to change things. I hope we have listened to you. The follow on meeting that we are hosting next month (8th-9th July) has a more ambitious agenda; it will even come with a 3-year action plan. I have always made the...

Guest post: My annual visit

Just recently I had my annual appointment with the MS consultant. He said it could only last 15 minutes. He did apologise for such a brief slot. Even so I couldn’t help but feel short changed. I could only discuss my 3 worst symptoms. Here is my own version of events at the MS review. He started “Has it got worse”? I thought to myself “This is a bit of a stupid question to ask anybody with...

Supporting the NHS & social medicine

Why don’t you support private prescribing and HSCT abroad? The social media response to yesterday’s Barts-MS Hangout on HSCT has been rather mixed. A lot of commentators are being critical of us for creating too many hurdles regarding the access to HSCT and that we shouldn’t stop our patients going abroad for treatment. From my perspective, going abroad or to private units in the UK for...



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