The forgotten many: not any more

Most of you will have heard by now that NICE has green-lighted siponimod for the treatment of active secondary progressive multiple sclerosis on the NHS. As the UK member of the EXPAND trial steering committee, Novartis who market the drug asked me for a quote, which sums up my opinion about the news. “The NICE approval of siponimod to treat secondary progressive multiple sclerosis with active...

NICE & Siponimod

Here we go again. Most readers will have gathered by now that NICE has not recommended Siponimod for treating active SPMS under the NHS. This is a big disappointment for the MS community in the UK particularly for those patients who have active SPMS or worsening SPMS on a DMT who were hoping to be switched to Siponimod.  It is clear that some of the assumptions NICE have made about the treatment...

NICE & Medicinal Cannabis

Last week, NICE finally published the long-awaited guidance on Cannabis-based medicinal products.  (www.nice.org.uk/guidance/NG144).  This has been extensively reported on in the mainstream media and whilst it is a step in the right direction for the use of Sativex® for patients with spasticity associated with MS (and a reversal on the initial draft guidance), it won’t allow all...



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