We need to keep pushing the envelope and moving the goalposts in terms of our treatment targets in MS.  As MS advances innate immune activation with microglial and astrocyte activation occurs. However, the latter may be adaptive in response to damage and hence a good thing, which is why I am sceptical about treatments aimed at targeting these cells in advanced MS.  In comparison, B-cells and...

Beyond the B-cell

Do we have the right cell target in MS? Yes and no; we need a multicellular approach. Recently the attention in MS has been on the B-cell as if it was the holy grail of MS treatments. It is not. In several posts, over the last few weeks, I have made the case that the B-cell is important, probably as an antigen presenting cell, but it is not the ‘be all and end all’ of MS treatments. It is clear...

Calculate your risk of developing MS from first presentation

We now understand that the early features of the condition matter; the more active the disease in the first five years the more likely you are to reaching the hard disability milestones (such as requiring a walking stick) that much sooner, than if the converse were true. But what about the development of MS (or CDMS, clinically definite MS) after the first clinical symptom (CIS, clinically...



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