How is your end-organ functioning?

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★ My prediction or dream for 2021 is that smouldering MS will be accepted by the wider MS community as being the ‘real MS’ and that simply suppressing the immune response to what is causing MS, i.e. relapses and/or focal MRI activity, will be accepted as folly. What matters most to pwMS will be their end-organ, i.e. the size, reserve capacity and function of their...

ECTRIMS 2019: Biomarkers

ECTRIMS, Stockholm Biomarkers session Finally in the ECTRIMS mood! Hundred Unbelievable that an year has passed already since the last one, but before I get maudlin, lets get some focus back in. I’ll be co-chairing a session this Friday with Dr Salzer, from Umea University, Sweden (Rituximab man). You can see all the topics of discussion in the program above, but for those of you who...



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