Down, but definitely not out! The WHO rejected our application to get glatiramer acetate, fingolimod and ocrelizumab/rituximab onto the Essential Medicined List. Why? The following is the relevant section from Executive Summary: “The Expert Committee recognized the public health need for effective and affordable treatments for multiple sclerosis (MS) but did not recommend the addition to...


I am speaking at the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) Access to Treatment and Healthcare meeting next week in London. My talk is on “Off-label opportunities, barriers and risks in availability and affordability”. My journey to this point goes back 5-years and started when I was on sabbatical and was visiting countries all over the world and seeing how MS was managed. I soon...

Cry, the Beloved Country

This post has been moved to Medium. From now on Prof G will do all personal postings on Medium. He will continue to post on this platform but will be limiting his posts on the Barts-MS blog to factual content, no random personal musings and no off-beat MS topics.

Playing second fiddle to the Swedes

Why can’t we use anti-CD20 therapies as immune constitution therapies? For some years we have been promoting our Barts-MS Essential DMT list to treat people with MS (pwMS) in resource-poor environments. One of the big guns on our list has been rituximab (anti-CD20).  One of the problems is that rituximab at a dose of 1g every 6 months is still too expensive to accessible for the vast...

Supporting the NHS & social medicine

Why don’t you support private prescribing and HSCT abroad? The social media response to yesterday’s Barts-MS Hangout on HSCT has been rather mixed. A lot of commentators are being critical of us for creating too many hurdles regarding the access to HSCT and that we shouldn’t stop our patients going abroad for treatment. From my perspective, going abroad or to private units in the UK for...



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