Professor Gavin Giovannoni (Prof G) and his team of clinicians and researchers at Barts and at the Royal London Hospital — like many of their medical colleagues — are in frequent contact with pwMS (people with multiple sclerosis), many of whom are untreated. The reason that these pwMS are on no treatment is often economic. No treatment due to economic reasons and can occur in both developed as...

GROLDI hits a wall

To help with our #OffLabel campaign to help HCPs treat pwMS in resource-poor environments I asked Gisela Kobelt, a health economist, who I have worked with for many years for help. What she said to me made me realise that the hurdles we face are much higher than I expected.  These are her relevant comments: “The economic case for any treatment in resource-poor countries is difficult, simply...


I am speaking at the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) Access to Treatment and Healthcare meeting next week in London. My talk is on “Off-label opportunities, barriers and risks in availability and affordability”. My journey to this point goes back 5-years and started when I was on sabbatical and was visiting countries all over the world and seeing how MS was managed. I soon...



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