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EBV and MS

This is not about coronavirus. Epstein-Barr Virus is an(other) extremely common virus which has infected the vast majority of people (~95%) by their late 20s. Unlike coronavirus, EBV has co-evolved with humans and the observation that it is so ubiquitous suggests that it actually may confer some kind of evolutionary benefit, e.g. by enhancing the host’s ability to respond to novel...

Reminder: your chance to influence preventive research!

Here is a reminder to book your place on next week’s preventive neurology discussion: your chance to influence the direction of research taken by the Preventive Neurology group. Here are the details if you missed the last post: The Preventive Neurology Unit are hosting an afternoon of informal conversations on the 30th April with people who have a particular interest in MS, Parkinson’s...

Your chance to influence preventive research!

Avid readers of the blog will have heard us talk about MS prevention, and the new(ish) Preventive Neurology Unit that Prof G has helped to set up to study this. We are really keen that people affected by MS are able to tell us the kind of questions that they would like us to work towards answering. I have been tasked with looking at the causes and  exploring the possibilities for preventing...



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