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I am very excited and proud to be attending and speaking at the first European Oratoria-HAND, or O’Hand, study investigator meeting in Barcelona. With Chariot-MS, the O’HAND study is the culmination of more than 4 years of work and campaigning for Barts-MS.  However, our #ThinkHand campaign will only be considered a true success if we get a positive outcome from one of our studies and a DMT...

What is MS?

The more I read,  think and assimilate information the more I realise that the real pathology behind MS is not the new acute lesion or relapse, but what is going on behind the scenes in the so-called slowly expanding chronic MS lesion or SEL.  MS is a smouldering disease.  In an analysis of the ocrelizumab-PPMS or ORATORIO trial, it is clear that SELs already existed in the brains of PPMSers when...

OXO Study

We want to build a sandwich to tackle the many facets of multiple sclerosis that result in neuroaxonal loss. At the base of treatment pyramid, we need an anti-inflammatory onto which we want to add a neuroprotectant, i.e. the combination therapy strategy. You need to protect damaged and vulnerable axons so that you can then remyelinate them or restore their function. We assume this makes sense...

25 years

I mentioned in a comment yesterday that “MS is unrecognisable to what it was 25 years ago. It is all about early diagnosis and early effective treatment; if you miss out on these it is not good news”. In response, a commentator said “what it really was 25 years ago … and what you remember are going to be different” and “if someone has PPMS …. it’s not”.  This commentator is wrong on both...



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