Zero stars

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer – zero stars Some of our readers are not satisfied with the Swedish Gothenburg 50-year follow-up data on MS outcomes, I presented yesterday; they make the comment that the data is out of date. However, there are very few databases that have 50+ year follow-up data; one of them is the Swedish National MS Register. The following is the latest Swedish registry...

Predicting a relapse

The longer I work in MS the more I realize how unpredictable it is. There are complications in diagnosis, in assessing treatment efficacy, in prognosticating, and in achieving homogeneity in clinical practice. The complications are complicated. But what if you have a test done, albeit quite randomly and it tells you something bad is going to happen in the near future – would you ignore it...

#MS-Selfie: infections and how to self-manage your bladder

In response to a comment from one of our readers, I am starting a series of posts called #MS-Selfie, which is derived from the term self-management. These posts are a long read but will help you manage your own MS. Over the last few weeks, many of my posts have focused on MS-specific mechanisms underlying why pwMS become disabled and how DMTs can delay, or prevent, this damage from occurring. The...



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