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HSCT in MS, more a remission than a cure

In a prose to seduce the weary palate, the British neurologist, I recollect saying: “What should be the aims of HSCT treatment? At worst, remission. At best, a cure“. I may just have to eat my words… In a small study from Uppsala University (n=45), Larsson et al. report the effects of HSCT on neuronal damage (using neurofilament levels) and inflammation (IgG index and...

HSCT, is it remission, or is it a cure for MS?

Most of you who read the blog know that I’m highly cynical when it comes to the word ‘CURE’ in the same sentence as a brain disorder or autoimmunity. In fact, it’s very similar to hearing the word VEGAN in the same sentence as pizza or donuts (apologies to any vegans who are currently sitting across from one of these right now; there’s always tomorrow). Why? Where do...



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