My predictions for 2022 foresee choppy waters for Clemastine

Figure: Myelin formation (source: Jackman et al. Physiology (Bethesda). 2009 October ; 24: 290–297. doi:10.1152/physiol.00016.2009) Clemastine is a first generation anti-histamine used to relieve the signs and symptoms of hay fever. However, it is its purported remyelination properties have garnered great interest in the MS community. No fairy tale run smoothly as you can see from this recent...

Bexarotene for remyelination, the full article is now available

This study is now finally published. The initial findings were presented virtually at the last ECTRIMS and although the study was negative (i.e. the primary outcome was not met) it is still interesting to read the whole caboodle in the final article. The road to remyelination has been a tough one, and this one in particular is underpinned by at least a decade of basic science preceding it...



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