Prevention vs. cure

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ (a bright blue buzz – #0096FF) I was at a mid-summer party last night when someone suggested that I should not waste my time trying to answer peripheral or trivial questions in relation to MS and focus on the really big questions.  This got me thinking about which are the biggest MS questions in MS that I can try to tackle and answer. Apart from (1) MS...

How soon does the shredder begin to shred?

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: zero-★s She was only 26-years and she couldn’t understand why she was falling behind her peers at work. She started working at an ultra-competitive law firm after finishing as one at the top of her peer group at Oxford. She was clearly the best-performing intern in the 2017 intake, which is why she was kept on after her internship. However, things were now...

Native: Barts-MS thinks aloud

For those who missed our online journal club on radiologically isolated syndrome (RIS) or asymptomatic MS, which was held online this afternoon, you can catch-up with the banter on YouTube.

Is there any mileage in doing these live?

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