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International Women’s Day

Today I’m standing for women – and, in particular, actress Selma Blair Until very recently, there has never been a celebrity who has shown us what it is truly like to have multiple sclerosis – warts and all. In the past, talk-show host Montel Williams and reality show star Jack Osbourne have disclosed they have the disease, but the image they show to the world has been carefully...

#AttackMS – a flipped pyramid

Why does Selma Blair’s speech sound slurred? Whenever a celebrity gets MS and comes out of the ‘closet’ MS trends on social media. When Selma Blair attended the Oscar ceremony on Sunday night walking with a cane it caused quite a stir. You can now watch an interview with her on ABC News. You will notice that she has a slurred speech, which we call dysarthria and she is unsteady...



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