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What is MS?

The more I read,  think and assimilate information the more I realise that the real pathology behind MS is not the new acute lesion or relapse, but what is going on behind the scenes in the so-called slowly expanding chronic MS lesion or SEL.  MS is a smouldering disease.  In an analysis of the ocrelizumab-PPMS or ORATORIO trial, it is clear that SELs already existed in the brains of PPMSers when...

A sequence of losses

Prof G has the MS community go it wrong? In this week’s NEJM there is an insightful perspective by Louise Aronson on ageing and driving. Aronson. Don’t Ruin My Life — Aging and Driving in the 21st Century. N Engl J Med 2019; 380:705-707. Louise quotes the American poet Donald Hall, who explains in Essays After Eighty how life is irrevocably and excruciatingly changed when a person must let go of...

What to do about my haloes?

Why do MS lesions with an iron halo continue to expand? The slowly expanding MS lesion or SEL is where the money or lack of money is. In my post ‘explaining why you are getting worse despite being NEDA‘ I mention SELs as one of the reasons that underlie progressive MS and are largely unresponsive or poorly responsive, to standard DMTs. Danny Reich’s team at the NIH have...

Beyond NEDA

Prof G are we being lulled into a false sense of security by being told that we have no evident disease activity (NEDA)? A patient of mine, who I have been looking after now for over 11 years, asked me in clinic a few weeks ago why despite being NEDA for 6 years, on a highly effective maintenance DMT (fingolimod), has she gone from being able to run 5-10 km to needing a stick and barely managing...



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