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Old age; how is it going to affect me?

Is ageing a disease? It is if you have MS. We have been making the argument for moving our treatment target in MS to focus on old age; i.e. how do we your HCPs get you to old age with enough brain to deal with the ravages of age-related cognitive impairment? Mechanisms of neuronal loss in MS It is clear that your brain and cognitive reserves are what protects you from the ‘normal age-related...

Why is everyone drinking anti-CD20 kool-aid?

Prof G will ocrelizumab and rituximab prevent SPMS? Just back from the COMBAT-MS stakeholders meeting in Pasadena with the Kaiser (Kaiser Foundation Research Institute) and Swedish (Karolinska Institute) trial teams, PCORI (Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute) and many brave an wonderful people with MS and their families. The COMBAT-MS study (NCT03193866) is recruiting well and is on...

Beyond the B-cell

Do we have the right cell target in MS? Yes and no; we need a multicellular approach. Recently the attention in MS has been on the B-cell as if it was the holy grail of MS treatments. It is not. In several posts, over the last few weeks, I have made the case that the B-cell is important, probably as an antigen presenting cell, but it is not the ‘be all and end all’ of MS treatments. It is clear...

The next generation

Training the next generation of MSologists is one of my priorities. I helped arrange and teach on the Pan-London Calman Specialist Registrar (SpR) teaching day yesterday. It was great to see so many young trainee neurologists attending; thank you. And to the speakers for giving up their time to teach and inspire the next generation of neurologists to become MSologists; thank you. I hope you all...



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