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Just arrived back from the AAN 2019 in Philadelphia. Jetlagged, which is why I am writing this at 2 am in the morning. As always the AAN is more a meeting of meetings or networking in academic lingo. These meetings have allowed us to progress several of our ideas including (1) DrK’s #MSAttack study with natalizumab, (2) to think more deeply about our proposed ADIOS Trial (adaptive dosing...

Guest post: Social Prescribing – the first exploratory meeting.

Dr Saul Reyes, a neurologist from Colombia, is working with the Barts MS team for a year and is exploring the concept of social prescribing and the possibility of incorporating it into the Barts MS service. To kick-start this he spoke to the MS Advisory Group in February earlier this year. He then set up a meeting with Alyson McGregor the National Director of an organization called Altogether...

Guest post: Social capital and social prescribing

I was having a chat with a friend a few days ago. He said “I have heard people talking about social capital and social prescribing. I don’t really know what they mean, do you?” “Umm, not too easy”, I said. “I know it’s nothing to do with money, it’s not measurable and it’s all to do with your quality of life”. “Sounds interesting”! He wanted to know more but I could not really help him right then...

Skint Britain

Did anyone watch ‘Skint Britain: friends without benefits’ on Channel 4 in the week? ‘Skint Britain: friends without benefits’ looks at the rollout and impact of the new Universal Credit scheme for British people who are unemployed or unable to work. The ‘big idea’ behind universal credit is to incentivise people who are unemployed to work or at least to be shown to be actively seeking work in...



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