#MSCOVID19: assessing and managing relapses remotely

Can we assess MS relapses remotely?  Yes, I think we can. Most neurological assessments are based on history and examination. You definitely can take a history of new-onset neurological symptoms by telephone, or preferably using video consultation. I am currently using accuRx the most widely adopted NHS platform for remote consultations. It is remarkably easy to use and satisfaction levels are...

#MS-Selfie: infections and how to self-manage your bladder

In response to a comment from one of our readers, I am starting a series of posts called #MS-Selfie, which is derived from the term self-management. These posts are a long read but will help you manage your own MS. Over the last few weeks, many of my posts have focused on MS-specific mechanisms underlying why pwMS become disabled and how DMTs can delay, or prevent, this damage from occurring. The...



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