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#MSCOVID19: Vaccine Q&A page is now live

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ Just to let you know that the I have answered all the reasonable questions that have come in via the COVID-19 decision aid. To keep it simple and to allow me to be more responsive I will simply update the online document every day or so. This is similar to what I did with the MS-Selfie Microsite I ran for at the beginning of the pandemic. Loading… Loading…...

#MSCOVID19: Vaccine Decision Aid ver. 2.0

Barts-MS rose-tinted-odometer: ★★★★★ Thank you for the feedback on my rough-and-ready decision aid. It is clear there is a need for it. I have spent a bit of time adding DMT-specific pages to the aid and added sections on ‘Which vaccine?’ and ‘Pregnancy’. I have also added a page with useful links. I have also set the sound to be on-demand rather than being automatic; so...



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