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Life after Lockdown with MS

Is it time to hit the pubs, give hugs and bin masks? Five experts answer. After a year of lockdown, it looks like ‘normality’ is returning thanks to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. For an overwhelming percentage of the population, this is hugely reassuring. And for those people with multiple sclerosis (MS) – doubly so.  We know our disease makes us more susceptible to infections...

Vaccines and Ocrelizumab (VELOCE): Old swords, new swords, and how to avoid stab wounds!

As approximately 70% of our newly diagnosed people with MS go onto ocrelizumab (a CD20 and thus B cell-depleting monoclonal antibody), a study that helps us understand how ocrelizumab affects the potential to mount (protective) antibody responses to vaccines and new antigens is more than welcome. Especially, as we are all hoping for the COVID-19 vaccine to be under the Christmas tree.  B...



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