Are you a Gunner’s supporter?

If you have MS and want to #GetVaccinatedASAP and have yet to be allocated a booking for a vaccine you can have the first dose of the Pfizer-BionTech mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and have a tour of the Emirate’s stadium, which is home to, arguably the most famous London football club Arsenal FC, also known as the Gunners. Click here to sign-up, places are limited.


Life after Lockdown with MS

Is it time to hit the pubs, give hugs and bin masks? Five experts answer. After a year of lockdown, it looks like ‘normality’ is returning thanks to the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine. For an overwhelming percentage of the population, this is hugely reassuring. And for those people with multiple sclerosis (MS) – doubly so.  We know our disease makes us more susceptible to infections...

To be vaccinated or not?

The following is a preliminary summary of the UK MS Register’s survey to establish how people with MS (pwMS) viewed the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccinations. Importantly, the data shows that despite being quite vocal the anti-vaccine message doesn’t seem to be having the same effect in the UK as it is in other countries. Fewer than 6% of respondents said they would probably or...

Don’t “Boris” your treatment!

Many of you have been caught by surprise by the Prime Minister’s latest announcement: London and Southern England moved into the unexplored Tier 4, and no ‘Jingle Mingle’ of households on Christmas. This last-minute and – honestly profane – cancellation of Christmas plans has been a hard nut to crack for many of us. So much the more the prospect of a vaccine is the equivalent of...



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